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We have a housing crisis, and regulations like CCHS are necessary to solve the problem
CCHS will create a lot of affordable housing
Anyone against CCHS is against growth of any kind


We need smart, planned development to solve complex problems -- not random, profit-driven development that will only make it worse.
The complicated formulas in CCHS actually give away more incentives for less affordable housing than existing regulations.
It is possible to be pro-growth, and against CCHS. Taking a sledgehammer to transparent, democratic planning processes is not the solution.

Here's what developers can get:

  • Floor Area Ratios increase by 4x to unlimited - §143.1010(a)

  • Unlimited residential density - §143.1010(b), (d)(1)

  • Unlimited height, lot coverage - §143.1010(c),(d)(2)

  • Waiver of public hearing (Process 3) - §143.1010(d)(3), §143.1025(c)(1)

  • Waiver of private open space requirement (no balconies) - §143.1010(e)

  • Waiver of Development Impact Fees on units <500 SF - §143.1010(g)

And in return ...?

  • Must provide affordable units equivalent to 40% of the number of dwelling units originally allowed by the base zone (pre-CCHS) - §143.1015. In reality this equates to only 3-4% on most projects.

Developers are using CCHS to propose towers with astronomical densities as high as 10 times the base rate.


The affordable units CCHS requires them to provide amount to only 3-4% of the market rate units.


And they don't even have to be in the same project; the affordable units can be built elsewhere, up to five years later!!!

Existing regulations ALREADY require them to provide 10% of the total units as affordable

Result? Unplanned, random luxury high-rises with no affordable units

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